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Managing Single Family Homes, A Positive Approach

Tired of tenant problems and rents not showing up when due?


Worried about tenants tearing up your property?


Are you losing money with expensive fees or your house sitting vacant?

If you're the owner of a rental property and want to lease your property without all the problems and headaches that scare people to death, then this is the most important website you will ever visit.

My name is Michael Bielon and I want to welcome you to our website. House2home Properties specializes in providing "hassle-free" leasing and management for owners who want freedom from the ... thrills of tenant management.

We help owners who have "had it up to here", turn their properties into performing assets. We get homes rented up fast with responsible tenants who pay "on-time" and take care of the property by

making the house a home.

We offer owners "peace of mind" with competent leasing and management solutions. We take care of the day to day details of managing property and do it very efficiently. 

We advertise the property, screen for the "best of the best" tenants, lease up the property, collect rents, coordinate and resolve all maintenance and repairs, handle any non-payment issues, and renew existing leases. ALL WITH MINIMAL EXPENSE.


So how can we do this with minimal expense? Because we have an effective management system in place which solves most tenant problems that so many less experienced landlords have. It took years to develop and now you can reap the benefits.

Let's address some common problems that landlords have and how we solve them to make your property more profitable with a lot less headaches.


Will the rent get collected on time?


Receiving rents ON-TIME is essential to our management program so that owners receive their rent right on schedule. You bet we understand that you have expenses like taxes and insurance, and you may even have mortgage payments to make. So we know that collecting rent on time is critical. After all, you're not made of money, right?

Fact is, we have an impressive on time payment record that would make any landlord jealous. To achieve these results, you just can't stick a lease in front of a tenant to sign. You have to spend time with the tenants up front ... before they move in. There is no short cut to this and most managers consider themselves "too busy" or just want to delegate or rush through this critical process ...


We share expectations with the tenant and reinforce the importance of paying the rent on time BEFORE they occupy the property. We enjoy the good relationships we have with our residents which is based on mutual respect and a "team" philosophy (not your typical landlord-tenant adversarial relationship).


Our management system is specifically designed with incentives to motivate tenants to pay their rent on time, without the problems that drives most landlords crazy. And who needs problems? With the rents received on the first day of the month, we are able to electronically transfer the owner their rent when due without delays.


How will I know that the tenants won't tear up the property?


This is the #1 concern that we hear from owners, will the tenants tear up the property? With all the horror stories of tenants destroying property, many owners are reluctant to rent out their house. Although no one can guarantee that a tenant will not damage a property, truth is, we have a very thorough screening process to help insure that a bad tenant will be ...

someone else's horror story, not yours.

We are very selective in who we put in the homes we manage. Simply put, we want the "best of the best" tenants who have the move-in funds we require and will take care of the valuable house and make it a home.


So how do we do this? Screening for a responsible tenant with the right moral code is the absolute key! We run credit checks, background checks, criminal checks, employment checks, rental history checks, plus a few other screening criteria that took years to develop.

We do not illegally discriminate against a protected class, but we have developed a thorough screening process that the applicant must obviously pass to qualify for the "best of the best" status that we look for in order for them to move in and get the "keys to the castle".


Will the property sit vacant?


We understand how costly a vacancy is and treat all vacancies with a sense of urgency. Your property will get the attention it deserves to limit any vacancy expense. When leasing up your property, we use creative marketing strategies that we developed designed to get your house rented to a responsible tenant with rents coming in ON-TIME.


We use a combination of signs, web sites, internet ads and a few other creative techniques that will make your property stand out from the competition. Our signs are custom designed which pulls applicants in to get your house rented quickly. Our goal is to attract attention and increase activity so that we can be selective in choosing the very best applicant.


Are costly property management fees necessary to have a professional manager?


If a good property management system is in place, high fees and commissions should not be necessary. Why? Because with a well run management system, the time and aggravation to manage property effectively is greatly reduced.


Our management program is specifically designed to have tenants pay on time, take care of the property, get along with the neighbors, and stay a long time. We understand that owners are

tired of being nickeled and dimed to death

by many property management companies. Because our management program is effective, we typically don't have to chase down rents so it takes us less time to manage tenants. The result, you don't pay expensive management fees.


You'll always know how your property is performing. Isn't it frustrating to have bad communication with a management company when there is a problem or when rents have stopped? There's nothing worse than having a problem with your phone calls un-returned left wondering what the heck is going on. We return calls promptly and you will also be emailed statements on how your property is performing month after month.


How to enjoy the good life with rental property.


We found that owners of rental property simply want the job done and not worry about it. Bottom line, if you want to receive more income without tenant problems, vacancies and expensive fees, then just leave the management to us. Our job is to screen for the best tenants, rent up the property, collect the rent, and save you money on the maintenance. Your job is to receive rental cash flow without problems.


Whether you need reliable leasing and management or solutions to a real estate problem, we are here to help. Please call me personally at 813-925-7055


Thanks for reading and enjoy the website.


Michael Bielon

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