Qualifying Criteria

Thank you for your interest in our nice homes for rent. We are looking for the best qualified applicants who will pay the rent on time and care for the home. To accomplish this, we have a thorough screening process and are committed to the Fair Housing Act prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, familial status or other protected class.

All Applications are processed on a scoring system and approval is not based on a first come first serve basis. Applicants will be emailed the result of their application (typically within three business days from receipt of an application which meets the application requirements).

If your application is approved, we require a lease to be electronically signed by all parties and all move-in funds received within 48 hours. If the home is available for occupancy, the lease beginning date must be within 14 days of application approval. All new residents shall pay a one-time administrative lease preparation fee of $99.00 at lease signing.

A $50.00 application fee is required with each application. The application fee is nonrefundable whether the application is approved or not approved. However, applicants will not be charged an application fee in the event the application was not processed due to the home being rented.

Before submitting an application for a home, please take your time and review all of the below Requirements for Submitting an Application and the Qualifying Criteria. Failure to meet the application requirements and qualifying criteria will result in the application not getting approved and the loss of your application fees. Thank you.

Requirements for Submitting an Application:

Qualifying Criteria For Single Family Residences

Qualifying Criteria For All Apartment Homes