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House2home Properties is a professional property management company that specializes in turning your properties into performing assets. We build long-term relationships and provide owners with more rental income for many years to come.

We provide "hassle-free" leasing and management for owners who want freedom from the… “thrills of tenant management”. Discover how we're different.

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Tampa Property Management Excellence

We get homes rented faster than others on the market, with responsible residents who pay on-time and take care of the property by making the house a home.

We help owners who “have had it up to here” with management hassles by offering them peace of mind with competent leasing and management solutions. We take care of the day-to-day details and do it efficiently with our proven systems.

We creatively market the property, screen for the “best-of-the-best” long-term residents, lease up the property, collect rents, coordinate and resolve all maintenance and repairs, handle any nonpayment issues, and renew existing leases.

We have an effective management system in place that solves the problems that many less experienced landlords and property managers have. It has taken years to develop this system and now property owners can reap the benefits.

Whether you need reliable leasing and management or are looking for solutions to a real estate problem, we are here to help.

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Giving Owners “Peace of Mind”
With Their Rental Property


Marketing is key to successful rentals. We provide an expert market analysis for each property we manage to maximize your return on investment.


We conduct extensive screening on all tenants and handle every aspect of getting your investment rented in the shortest time possible.


We make sure you get paid on time, every time. You no longer have to worry about rent showing up in your bank account.


We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.


With our detailed financial reporting tools and online owner portal, it's never been easier to keep tabs on your investment - get access to owner statements 24/7!


In the unlikely event that a tenant needs to be evicted from your rental, we will shield you from the stress and re-rent the property promptly. See our No Eviction Warranty below.

Our Warranties

As your Tampa Property Manager

Leasing Warranty

We specialize in screening for long-term tenants but sometimes life just happens. We don’t think it is fair to charge an owner another lease fee if a tenant vacates within twelve months.

That’s why we promise to lease-up a home for FREE, if a tenant vacates a single-family home within twelve months. We offer this warranty at no out-of-pocket cost to the owner. The only exception to this warranty is if a member of the military receives orders to relocate.

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Satisfaction Warranty

Hiring a new property manager can be stressful. You may wonder, am I making the right decision? Is my property going to sit vacant?

We understand.

That’s why we took the risk out of hiring a professional manager. If you are not completely satisfied with our management service, you can cancel our agreement with no cancelation fee and no questions asked, with just 30 days notice. We want you to feel confident that you made the right decision in trusting us to manage your property.

Why Partner With Us >
No Eviction Warranty

We offer owners of single family homes our No Eviction Warranty for a worry-free investment.

A traditional property manager typically has no financial risk in renting out the owner’s property. So, if there is an eviction, the owner is the one who suffers the financial loss of paying expensive attorney’s fees. Because of this, the traditional manager may not be very selective in choosing a responsible tenant.

We have changed all that with our No Eviction Warranty. In the event of an eviction, we promise to pay the attorney fees to file the eviction. By offering the No Eviction Warranty, House2home Properties has “skin-in-the-game” so screening for the best tenant is paramount. We have developed a copyrighted screening tool that selects the best applicants without discriminating against Fair Housing protected classes.

The No Eviction Warranty gives property owners peace-of-mind and assurance that their rental payments will be received each month, without excuses or delays. And best of all, our No Eviction Warranty is offered at no out-of-pocket cost to the owner.