Simplified Pricing To Increase Owner Cash Flow

House2home Properties provides the most value and gets the job done. Our service and pricing are structured to give the owner more cash flow by reducing vacancy and turnover. One of the biggest mistakes an owner can make is to go with a property manager based on price.

We believe in giving more value than what we’re paid for and do not charge junk fees like set-up fees, computer fees, and management fees when a property is vacant. These junk fees just rob the property of cash flow. We are fair and transparent, and all our fees are listed below along with the reason we charge them.

Full Service Professional Management
Monthly Management Fee
This is for the day-to-day management including rent collection. If rent is not received, this fee is not due.
Leasing/Tenant Placement Fee
This is to place a new tenant in the property. A considerable amount of time and expense goes into getting a property rented. This fee is for the expense and work it takes in marketing your property, producing videos and virtual tours, screening applications, scheduling property showings, securing a tenant, preparing a lease, meeting with tenants and collecting funds, etc. (Some property managers charge up to a full month’s rent as a Leasing/Tenant Placement Fee, we offer a lower rate to increase the owner’s cash flow.)
50% (of one month's rent)
Fraud Detection
We invested in technology that detects fraud on rental applications.
Rental Analysis
Analyze the rental market to properly price your property.
Pre-Market Property Evaluation
We evaluate the property to ensure that it's rent-ready so that it will attract a quality resident.
High Quality Property Photos
Our pictures are high quality and edited to capture the home's amenities.
Extensive Internet Marketing
We market all homes on the top rental websites including Zillow, which is now a paid subscription.
Self-Showing Technology
We offer residents a self-showing option where they can view the home on their schedule. Advanced technology is used to verify the prospect's identity using their driver's license & other information.
Online Application
Applicants experience a smoother application process with our online application.
Exclusive Applicant Screening Tool
We developed a screening tool that selects the best applicants every time. This also ensures compliance with Fair Housing.
Pet Screening
Applicants are required to complete a pet application to ensure that our pet requirements are met.
Lease Preparation
Our custom lease templates are drafted by an experienced real estate attorney specializing in landlord/tenant law.
eSignature Services
Management agreements, leases and addendums can be e-signed by all parties.
Co-Brokerage Commission
In the event that a licensed real estate agent brings us a qualified tenant, 100% of the agent's commission will be paid by House2home Properties.
Utility Coordination
A one-time $75 fee will be charged if the owner elects to have House2home Properties turn water & electric services on/off. This is for the time it takes to turn utility services on and off with the utility companies (who have frustrating hold times), for paying utility bills and deposits, and for depositing utility refunds.
Move-In Home Evaluation
A move-in property evaluation will be performed to document the condition of the property when a tenant takes possession of a home.
$159 (performed by a trained 3rd party professional assessor)
Move-Out Home Evaluation
A move-out property evaluation will be performed to document the condition of the property when a tenant vacates a home. The owner will receive a professional report detailing the evaluation as well as a “punch-list” of any necessary repairs required to make the home rent-ready.
Lease Enforcement
We treat everyone equally and enforce the terms of the lease. If there is a lease violation, we take action to get it resolved.
Default/Violation Notice Preparation
In the event of a rent default or lease violation, we will prepare and deliver the proper notice to the tenant.
24/7 Maintenance Coordination
To protect the owner’s property, we answer emergency maintenance calls 24 hours a day.
3% of vendor's invoice
Security Deposit Processing
We will process the tenant's security deposit including imposing a claim and disbursing a refund.
Lease Renewal Process
This fee is for the work it takes to renew and retain a tenant including surveying the market for a rent increase, preparing the lease renewal letter, and getting ALL tenants in the property to sign the lease (which can be a difficult process).
Annual Property Evaluations
Should the owner request a property inspection while a property is occupied, we hire a 3rd party inspector to perform a property assessment. This is because we do not believe it’s a good idea for the management company to perform inspections while a resident is occupying a property. Residents may feel like we are “checking up on them” and find offense when viewing things like unmade beds. It is important for us to keep good long-term relationships with residents. By hiring a neutral 3rd party professional, we remain neutral and less intrusive.
Prompt ACH Owner Payments
The owner's rent is deposited in their bank account electronically with no processing fees.
Owner's Portal
Owners have their own online portal to retrieve leases, documents, statements and receipts.
Resident Portal
Residents have their own online portal to pay rent, view their balance and payment history, eSign leases and make maintenance requests.
Online Rental Payments
Residents can conveniently pay their rent online so there is no excuse for paying late.
Monthly Statement
Owners receive a monthly report detailing the income and expenses of the property with copies of any expense receipts.
Annual Statement
Owners receive a year-end statement which is laid out like the Schedule E tax form making it easier at tax time.
Leasing Warranty
If a tenant does not fulfill their first year's lease and vacates, we will lease up the property with no Leasing/Tenant Placement Fee.
Satisfaction Warranty
If you are not completely satisfied with our management service, you can cancel our agreement with no cancelation fee.

Receive Rent Even If the Tenant Does Not Pay with our Optional Landlord Protection Insurance

We screen for good, qualified residents. But sometimes life just happens where even the best tenants can’t pay rent. You can count on us when bad things happen to your good tenants.

With House2home Properties as your property management company, you are eligible to obtain Landlord Protection insurance that includes benefits like receiving rent in the event the tenant does not pay.

In these uncertain times, we wanted to protect your rental income and give you even more peace of mind, so we partnered with SureVestor to offer you their revolutionary Landlord Protection Coverage.

For a little more than a dollar a day, our owners can benefit with these unique Rent with Confidence Guarantees:

Loss of Rent Guarantees covers:
Up to 8 weeks rent if tenant skips
Up to 12 weeks rent for Tenant Delinquency
Up to 12 weeks Tenant Death (sole tenancy)
Up to 25 weeks Tenant murder or suicide
Up to 4 weeks for Victims of violence

Eviction Expense Guarantee covers:
Up to $5,000 for eviction filing fee and defense costs if the tenant sues

Tenant Damage Guarantee covers:
Up to $35,000 for malicious damage
Up to $15,000 for theft/damage due to theft

How Much Does the Landlord Protection Cost?

The cost is $445 per year plus tax or if paid monthly, $41.25 plus tax.

(Malicious damage and theft claims will have a deductible of $1,500 applied per event.)

(Loss of rent claims will have a deductible of the remaining security deposit after allowable releasing expenses have been paid.)