Resident Benefits Package

20.00 Per Month

Required with all lease agreements under House2home Properties is the Resident Benefits Package. There is an additional charge of $20.00 per month for the Resident Benefits Package. These benefits provide our residents an enhanced living experience which includes the following:

A/C Filter Service Program: All of our residents benefit from our popular A/C Filter program. Every three months the required AC filters for your home will be delivered directly to your door. You will not have to go to a store to buy A/C filters for your home. You will be notified by email when the filters are scheduled for delivery and all you have to do is replace these quality three-month A/C filters when they arrive.

24/7 Maintenance with Scheduling & Chats: You can easily submit maintenance requests online for prompt service for your repairs. When you submit a maintenance request, a work order will be generated in our system, which will contain your contact information and description of the problem. You can request a date and time to schedule the repair, as well as chat with vendors and our management team for improved communication. You can reach a live person after-hours for urgent maintenance issues. Simply call our main number and select the maintenance option. Whether you need to submit a maintenance during normal business hours, or after-hours, we’re ready to help.

Cable/Internet Provider Concierge Service: We offer a concierge service that will set-up your cable and internet services. Our utility concierge company, Citizen Home Solutions will call you before move-in to discuss the service providers available in your area and place the order for you. This service can save you the time and aggravation in setting up your internet and cable service.

Easy Online Rental Payments: Make rental payments online hassle-free using e-check with no payment processing fee.

Resident Online Portal: Every resident has their own online resident portal where you can pay rent, get a copy of your lease, see your balance and payment history, submit maintenance requests, chat with our management team, and submit your vacate notice.

E-Signature Leases: Easily e-sign renewal leases without everyone having to drive to our office to sign a new lease.

Renewal Lease Preparation Fee Waived: The $200 lease preparation fee will be waived when renewing your lease.

Document Storage: All lease agreements and other important communication will be stored for you. No need to print out your lease and remember where you put it. A copy of your lease can be viewed and downloaded through your resident portal.

Move-In Inspection App: After you receive your keys, you perform your own move-in inspection using an app to download on your phone. You will be able to take pictures with the app without using up your phone’s storage. After you complete the inspection, a professional report will be generated and emailed to you. This technology makes move in inspections convenient by having residents perform their own inspection on their own schedule. Both House2Home Properties and the resident each perform their own move-in inspection.

Convenient Move In & Move Out’s Using a Lockbox: Conveniently move into your new home using an easy-to-use lockbox. This allows you to access the keys to your new home on your schedule. You will then hold on to the lockbox to use when it’s time to vacate. You will not have to drive to our office to drop off keys. Simply use the lockbox to vacate.

Texting Capabilities: We understand that many residents prefer to text and not email, so we invested in software that will allow residents to text for a faster response.

***Resident Benefit Package is REQUIRED with all lease agreements. There is no Opt-Out of this program. Resident Benefits Packages will be billed as a separate charge on a monthly basis.