Zero Security Deposit

House2home Properties offers a no security deposit option to approved applicants who wish to dramatically lower their move in costs. We’ve partnered with Rhino to replace cash security deposits.

Rather than pay a large security deposit upfront, residents can obtain a security deposit insurance policy through a 3rd party called Rhino and pay a non-refundable monthly fee during their residency.

So, what is security deposit insurance?

It’s a policy that a resident can purchase which insures against property damage caused by a resident after they vacate. It is not a payment plan towards a security deposit.

It’s an insurance policy where the resident pays a non-refundable monthly fee (or premium), for as long as the resident has a lease. When a resident renews the lease, they simply renew the policy. The monthly fee is based on the resident’s credit score and is paid directly to Rhino. 

In the event there was property damage caused by a resident when they vacate, House2home Properties would submit a claim to Rhino for the cost of the repair(s). Rhino would then pay for the repair(s) and then contact the resident who caused the damage for reimbursement.

If there was no damage when a resident vacates, then obviously no claim would be submitted to Rhino.

Signing up with Rhino is fast and easy. To learn more about Rhino, click below.

What is Rhino