About Us

Professional and Experienced

House2home Properties was founded with the intent of providing world-class service in the property management industry.

House2home Properties offers a huge benefit by providing long-term stable housing, where residents can put down some roots and make the "house a home" for themselves. We enjoy the good relationships we have with our residents, which is based on mutual respect and a team philosophy, not an adversarial landlord-tenant relationship. We get great satisfaction in knowing our properties are providing good, long-term housing for our residents and their families.

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    Michael Bielon
    Property Manager, Broker
    • "No matter how good the property or location, without good management, rental real estate is a liability."

      HI, my name is Michael Bielon. I'm the licensed real estate broker and President of House2home Properties. I would like to tell you a little about me and our company so that you can know a little more and decide if our management make sense for you.

      I'm an experienced property manager in the Tampa Bay area and a proud member of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers). In addition, we are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

      How we got to be a property management company is an interesting tale. It dates back to 1990 when I became a landlord and acquired my first tenant. Through the years and after all the bumps and bruises, I learned the art of managing tenants and have fine-tuned property management into the efficient system it is today.

      Which brings us to where we are now. I have brought that efficient property management system to House2home Properties which solves so many unnecessary problems that less experienced landlords and managers deal with on a daily basis. We are constantly learning and adjusting our system to the ever changing world of rental real estate, so that we remain as efficient as possible.

      That said, I can actually tell you that I enjoy being a landlord and everyone at House2home Properties are genuinely interested in making the owners' property a successful rental. We get great satisfaction in knowing that a property is not only well cared for and providing income, but also providing good housing for renters and families.

      As you can probably tell, we have a different attitude and take a positive approach towards property management. Because every owners' situation is different, we take a counseling approach to rental real estate offering customized solutions in meeting the property owners' goals.

      As a respected and active property management company, we're in the trenches every day and know what it really takes to rent up a property quickly, doing it the right way. We have the experience to carefully select the right tenants so that the owners' property will start producing income as fast as possible.

      We communicate well with property owners and residents so if you have rental real estate that needs professional management, give us a call today. You'll be thrilled that you got the ball rolling on this.